Christmas coming early????

Dare I tempt fate, well yes I am going to because for me and my family this would be the best Christmas present and even my 4 year old agrees with this. Finally after 21 days of barraging, tweeting, talking to every few days, reporting it to 3 different people on 3 different systems and being passed to several different departments only to then be told to log it online and upload information and many, many tears I have finally been contacted by Felgains of Ipswich to confirm they have received payment from Thomsons for my replacement wheelchair. They have ordered it and are arranging for it to be couriered direct to me.

This is a massive boost for me and my family, it means I will soon have my legs back, well my wheels but they are my legs and that is why I fought so hard, and so determined to get it replaced as quickly as possible. It is lightweight, reinforced and built to my leg dimensions and with a high back to support my thoracic spine. In short it will allow me to go out again without significantly increasing my pain, lowering my mood and effectively bringing the day to a premature end. It will hopefully mean that the trip to Father Christmas at Thursford will be done in comfort, and taking my LG to watch her first ever Pantomime with 4 generations of our family will be an enjoyable experience and not one that leaves me unable to look after her for days afterwards.

I am so excited it is hard to put it into words what this will mean for us all. Roll on getting my wheels back……………..

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