Landmark victories or more red tape?

This past few weeks have been very busy for the courts, for disabled campaigners, for disabled people and for the various committees, government departments, ministers, and those tasked with protecting the rights of some of the most vulnerable in society. They are all there with the goal of supposedly allowing us the opportunity of integrating into society and allowing us to enjoy some form of independence, some form of enjoyment, sport, cinema trips, theatre, even a simple trip to the park with family. The reality is none of this is simple there is a huge national campaign for #changingplaces and these are desperately needed so that disabled persons are not changed on floors, buses and trains are inaccessible and require forward planning, booking of assistance and numerous other things. There is rarely the opportunity for a disabled person to wake up see the sun is changing unexpectedly and deciding there and then they are going out. I watched a you tube clip recently that had someone using a go pro to show what it was like taking their child to the toilet on the odd occasion they treat them to a day out. some 30 minutes later and a trek into a shopping centre they return.

Now this isn’t meant to be a woe is me post, the reality is I have it so much better than some, although so much worse than others but it is about making the most of what you have. It is difficult to do this when there are so many barriers in place. I hope to one day watch a high standard football match live again, although locally the opportunity due to a lack of facilities and the seating arrangements/shortage of spaces etc make it impossible. I cannot remember the last time we went out without google searching facilities, parking, access, contacting the place to discuss what is there, what else is nearby and so on. I just can’t help but feel that every time a new article like the ones below come out, and judgements like today come out (that are so woolly in the details) that although they are considered victories I can’t help but think it just means more red tape is created, more training is then required to give people the skills to do what is needed of them and funding isn’t available, more hoops are placed in front of people who in my experience truly do want to help it is when you go up the food chain, see the financial “burden” it will place on the company and out it goes. Nevermind the financial burden I place on my family, it is good that as people they didn’t decide that I wasn’t needed.

I want to be positive about them, I want to think that good will come from people revealing how embarrassed they were when they were forced to soil themselves or they blog about trashed wheelchairs. I want people to stop putting a price on what is right to help other human beings, assistive technology is out there, yes it is expensive but what price freedom and independence? Many of the owners of the companies that make millions claim they cannot afford to really? Even the simple blue badge bays are amazing for us to do simple things like shop. These are not really monitored by the shops/car park operators indeed I even had a person recently say to me there’s nothing we can do about it if people park there. I have two issues with that one – why would anyone take up a space of a blue badge holder if they do not have a blue badge, it is selfish and lazy, and two why can’t companies do something about it. In a supermarket repeatedly say over the loud speaker system about the car being parked there, embarrass them into moving it, stop thinking about profits and start thinking about disabled people. If you see someone park in them challenge them politely as a disabled person I have forgotten to put my badge in and I would not be offended if someone reminded me, nor would I be bothered if someone working in the shops asked to see the photo to see if the right person was present when the badge is being used. The system does get abused embarrass those too. I can’t believe clubs like Liverpool and all their millionaire stars who like the positive photos going to hospitals and so on cannot get the facilities right at their stadiums!

I hope you enjoy some of the articles attached, and I know that I am proud of people like Doug Paulley who take on the companies and challenge the systems and win these rulings for us all, I can’t help but think the system itself is broken though when everything has to be fought for!

Disabled Access: Premier League Clubs Could Face Sanctions

Wheelchair v Buggy Supreme Court Case

No guarantee of help for disabled passengers

Paralympian forced to wet herself on train

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