Numbers in the world

This was the brief we had for our LG’s home learning the other weekend. Being 4 she doesn’t have compulsory homework, just topics of study that we can expand on at home. Her number recognition is improving dramatically but most of all having regular things to talk about is helping her to see the world. 

We decided to do this piece of work that we would go for a walk around the block. We got my scooter out and went for a walk. No more than about a mile I would say. We looked at numbers on lampposts, houses, business signs and so on. We spoke about the 20 and 30 mph signs and what they mean. 

What should have been a really fun hour for my LG and me, unfortunately became a frustrating trip out. It was Sunday so the roads were relatively quiet and there was no school traffic. You’d think this would have made the trip pleasant. Unfortunately we spent much of it doubling back on ourselves and walking in the road due to inconsiderate parking and dog poo. When you are meant to be looking at the world around you and the numbers everywhere it is tricky when you are staring at the pavement dodging poo or in the road carefully holding hands making sure a 4year old is safe as people had parked blocking the pavement. 

It is perhaps telling that the number of pavement obstructions in the short walk was 26. Cars parked so you could not pass them on the pavement and dropped kerbs blocked were the biggest issues. It’s funny we all take our dropped kerb for access for granted. We sometimes forget that this also allows others a place to cross. Without them wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs cannot cross the road. We’ve all been guilty of saying to guests just block us in when you get here, but when you think about it this creates huge issues for others. I guess we all just need to think of others a bit more. I know I do when I park now and my friends and family do the same. Little by little change is happening. 

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