Pre-Election blues

I know where my X will be going in the upcoming county election, I know this will come as a surprise to many of you but this has been decided based on my own morals, impressions of the candidates, locally how they care about hometown and who I trust to deliver,  or try to deliver their promises even when this means going against their party leadership. 

For the general election my decision will be based on their parties records, their manifestos (once released) and my own individual research, these may be different parties in the May county and June national elections. This research does not include the plethora of biased news stories and memes doing the rounds. I say biased because the press is left or right wing and therefore interprets “news” and “statistics” to suit their own needs and not necessarily the truth. 

I respect all my family and friends and know there will be different opinions among us and you will be sharing things over the coming weeks. I ask you all please respect my request to keep my social media free from such posts, please do not tag me in them or share them to my timeline and I will reciprocate this. I say this because I see too many arguments that stem from politics and I know families who still are divided over the EU referendum. I do not want fall out over these elections with anyone. Politics like religion seems to divide people and cloud judgement so that all respect and understanding of others goes out the window. It’s as if people forget that there is more than one way to achieve the same results and I want to keep an open mind and friendships. 

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