Numbers in the world

This was the brief we had for our LG’s home learning the other weekend. Being 4 she doesn’t have compulsory homework, just topics of study that we can expand on at home. Her number recognition is improving dramatically but most of all having regular things to talk about is helping her to see the world. 

We decided to do this piece of work that we would go for a walk around the block. We got my scooter out and went for a walk. No more than about a mile I would say. We looked at numbers on lampposts, houses, business signs and so on. We spoke about the 20 and 30 mph signs and what they mean. 

What should have been a really fun hour for my LG and me, unfortunately became a frustrating trip out. It was Sunday so the roads were relatively quiet and there was no school traffic. You’d think this would have made the trip pleasant. Unfortunately we spent much of it doubling back on ourselves and walking in the road due to inconsiderate parking and dog poo. When you are meant to be looking at the world around you and the numbers everywhere it is tricky when you are staring at the pavement dodging poo or in the road carefully holding hands making sure a 4year old is safe as people had parked blocking the pavement. 

It is perhaps telling that the number of pavement obstructions in the short walk was 26. Cars parked so you could not pass them on the pavement and dropped kerbs blocked were the biggest issues. It’s funny we all take our dropped kerb for access for granted. We sometimes forget that this also allows others a place to cross. Without them wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs cannot cross the road. We’ve all been guilty of saying to guests just block us in when you get here, but when you think about it this creates huge issues for others. I guess we all just need to think of others a bit more. I know I do when I park now and my friends and family do the same. Little by little change is happening. 

First Bus response to Supreme Court ruling ‘treats disabled people with contempt’

A bus company forced to change its policies after a ground-breaking Supreme Court access case has been accused of treating disabled peple and the legal system with contempt, after it revealed the m…

Source: First Bus response to Supreme Court ruling ‘treats disabled people with contempt’

Top five representative toys for Christmas — Scope | Disability forum

So pleased that toys are becoming more inclusive in their design and play, and that this results in spreading disability awareness to more and more. It will perhaps come as no surprise to hear that an inclusive disability awareness toy will be in my LG’s stocking this year

Can you give the gift of disability awareness for Christmas?

Source: Top five representative toys for Christmas — Scope | Disability forum

But daddy, I don’t want to make you poorly

…….is a phrase I have heard several times this last week, my LG has had a cough and cold and she has had several spikes in her temperature as her body tries to fight off the virus that so many of us pick up this time of year.

There is not much you can do but comfort a toddler, let them eat what they want, encourage them to drink and be there for them to cuddle. It is the first time that she really has been ill, and so the aches and pains are all new to her and difficult to understand. As her daddy I want to be there for her, to cuddle and hold her and tell her it will all be alright.

Several times however my LG has pushed me away and says to me that she doesn’t want to make me ill. Very sweet and caring, but it goes a little further than that.I said to her it is ok, if I am going to get it I will, do not worry give me cuddle and it will be ok. My LG however responded with “but I don’t want to hurt your back and make you worse daddy”

As I have chronic back pain as part of my disability she has heard me say how much coughing hurts and that I always try and keep myself away from people who have a cough. The reality is that you cannot avoid everything I know this, but she doesn’t and bless her even in her own pain and illness she is still caring about me.

With a new found mindset I am now proud of her reacting like this instead of feeling like a burden to her. I accept that I am in pain and my LG understands, helps, cares, pushes my wheelchair and is proud of me, and I am proud of her. Did it tug on my heart strings? – of course it did, did I fleetingly feel guilty? – of course I did, but I cuddled her, I reassured her that it was OK and that I didn’t mind and it was more important for her to concentrate on getting better. I know I am helping to raise a very beautiful, caring and well rounded LG and that makes me very happy.

Christmas coming early????

Dare I tempt fate, well yes I am going to because for me and my family this would be the best Christmas present and even my 4 year old agrees with this. Finally after 21 days of barraging, tweeting, talking to every few days, reporting it to 3 different people on 3 different systems and being passed to several different departments only to then be told to log it online and upload information and many, many tears I have finally been contacted by Felgains of Ipswich to confirm they have received payment from Thomsons for my replacement wheelchair. They have ordered it and are arranging for it to be couriered direct to me.

This is a massive boost for me and my family, it means I will soon have my legs back, well my wheels but they are my legs and that is why I fought so hard, and so determined to get it replaced as quickly as possible. It is lightweight, reinforced and built to my leg dimensions and with a high back to support my thoracic spine. In short it will allow me to go out again without significantly increasing my pain, lowering my mood and effectively bringing the day to a premature end. It will hopefully mean that the trip to Father Christmas at Thursford will be done in comfort, and taking my LG to watch her first ever Pantomime with 4 generations of our family will be an enjoyable experience and not one that leaves me unable to look after her for days afterwards.

I am so excited it is hard to put it into words what this will mean for us all. Roll on getting my wheels back……………..

Vote For “Widening Swimming Access in Wymondham”

Vote For “Widening Swimming Access in Wymondham”

Finally the reason can be revealed why I have been so tired and missing my positives. I have been working with the Wymondham Access Group that I helped set up in March this year to improve access to my hometown. Having accepted my own disability and the issues I face daily I wanted to give back to the local community I grew up in and help improve the lives of others in the community. We have in a short amount of time worked on a number of projects in the local community and recently I have been working hard to submit a bid for funds from the Aviva Community Fund to improve access at our local swimming pool.

Swimming and hydrotherapy is something that is so beneficial to a wide variety of people, not only is it a life saver for everyone to be able to swim, people of all ages will benefit with improved access. The pod is designed to help so many different people, parents with children who cannot climb down the steps carrying them, pregnant people who find traditional access difficult, those with visual impairments, people undergoing physio and rehabilitating following an injury, anyone with a mobility issue, wheelchair users right through to the oldest members of our society. You can vote for the project by clicking Here