Top Tips

Here I am starting a random list of hints and tips that I have found improve my life in some small way, I hope they will help you at some point to……………………………………

  1. When doing arts and crafts with children sit them at a table that suits you (such as the dining table, instead of their own table they may use when drawing on their own)
  2. Parking at the NNUH is free to blue badge holders, even in their main car park (not the knew one to the right) just take your blue badge and ticket in to the customer service desk
  3. Saucepan in-lays are great for not having to lift heavy pans of boiling water.
  5. Using a slow cooker is an excellent way to pace chopping up vegetables and cooking a stew, chilli or bolognese for example
  6. Do not be too stubborn to decline help (eg up a slope in your wheelchair, especially if like me you suffer chronic pain)
  7. Be honest with your closest family and friends and about symptoms, capabilities and that includes being honest with yourself.
  8. Make sure you call your local Occupational Therapists and Adult Social Services, they may not be able to help but they will hopefully have contact details of local organisations and charities that will.
  9. Find your own hobbies and interests and involve them into your daily routine and mindfulness/meditation practices.
  10. Do not be afraid to try out old things you enjoyed in a new way. I am currently relearning how to play snooker only now I play from my wheelchair and using a rest most of the time so I can sit upright!
  11. Highways Garden Centre in Norfolk is an excellent wheelchair friendly place to dine and look around
  12. Look for support groups in your local area or online like these blogs it is important that we know we are not alone and do not have to be alone.
  13. Skype or other video platforms (and I need to learn these) are a good way of connecting with the outside world when you are stuck indoors.
  14. Use an electric toothbrush – I am a total convert, sat on my shower seat letting the brush do all the work, absolutely perfect.
  15. Flip Flops…… socks, no need for help, independence need I say more!

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